Historic and Endangered Properties of Anchorage

There are three historic properties in Anchorage that are on Alaska’s ten most endangered list and while they may not be a large part of our daily lives, the stamp they have left on Alaska’s timeline has not faded. Archeologist Sam Combs with Alaska Historic Preservation and Retired Archeologist Debra Corbett with U.S. Fish and Wildlife show us around some of these relics of the last frontier. KTUU video.

“Why Preservation Matters”

Commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, a critique of the preservation movement—and a bold vision for its future

Every day, millions of people enter old buildings, pass monuments, and gaze at landscapes unaware that these acts are possible only thanks to the preservation movement. As we approach the October 2016 anniversary of the United States National Historic Preservation Act, historian Max Page offers a thoughtful assessment of the movement’s past and charts a path toward a more progressive future.

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“Why Old Places Matter”

Why Old Places Matter is the only book that explores the reasons that old places matter to people. Although people often feel very deeply about the old places of their lives, they don’t have the words to express why. This book brings these ideas together in evocative language and with illustrative images for a broad audience.
Tom Mayes lecture for Providence Preservation Society, Rhode Island:  https://tinyurl.com/yxptkhuo

Available on Amazon in hard copy and Kindle!