In May 2022, Peach Investments/Peach Holdings announced that the 4th Avenue Theatre and adjacent buildings would be demolished after years of promising the community that this would not happen. This page is devoted to documents for review on how the Municipality of Anchorage and Peach Investments has been working together to destroy the historic landscape of downtown Anchorage along 4th Avenue. For more history check out the “This Place Matters” page for more details on the history of the theatre.

MOA Documentation
Master Development Agreement Block 41
May 13, 2022
Block 41 Renderings

Newspaper articles and Opinions 2022

AO 2015-49 Documents

Includes Exhibit A through J and Summary of Economic Effects/Utilities.

Peach Holdings Presentation to RVSA
Video of presentation
Slides from video

Alaska Historical Commission
Alaska Historical Commission Recommendations 2022

Downtown Plans